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Handmade in New York

Martin Greenfield clothiers are a 100 year-old factory in Brooklyn, New York.  Originally known as the GGG Factory, a hand-tailored tradition continues there today.  That means that they didn’t glue the lapel together like one might do to a model airplane or perhaps a broken vase, but instead set each layer of fabric and canvas by hand before sewing.  It means that they hand-based the inner and outer shell of the lapel so it gently rolls back, instead of lying flat.  It means that they meticulously pressed each part of the garment by hand to ensure it is correctly sculpted for your body and that your dry cleaner never messes that up.  It means that they sewed each buttonhole by hand with silk thread, not because it is more perfect that way, but for precisely the opposite effect.  These are all signs of the life and soul of the garment and those who create and craft it.

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